A look into a soldier’s mind on Americas position.

Here is something my job has ran me across. I think you might find it as interested as I did so I thought I would share it with you. 

I will upload the audio right here in a little bit.


Q: So how old were you in this time period?

A: In this time period I was 20.

Q: What was your family situation during this time period?

A: I was single.

Q: Where were you living?

A: I was living in Green bay Wisconsin before I joined the military and afterwards when I was in the military I was working on board the ship which was docked in Norfolk Virginia.

Q: How many brothers and sisters do you have?

A: I have two brothers and one sister. Joan’s my favorite sister.

Q: Why did this event get your attention?

A: It got my attention one because I needed a job at the time. I wasn’t working and I had no experience so I joined the military because I needed the job. The whole event itself the war and stuff like that what was the question which one are we on? Number 4? Or number 3? Why did this event get your attention? Get whose attention?

Q: Yours

A: Mine?

Q: Yes

A: It really didn’t. At that time it didn’t. I needed a job.

Q: What do you remember from the news about this event?

A: The news said that this poor little country Kuwait was being bullied by saddam Hussein and invaded and stuff like that.

Q: What were the general feelings of the US to the Middle East at this time period?

A: Didn’t really have any. There were at that time growing up in Green Bay I didn’t know anything about the Middle East or what the people were like, what they ate, what kind of food. I didn’t know anything about them. So it didn’t matter. Okay completely different lifestyle. I don’t know they are desert dwellers. I didn’t know.

Q: Did you think the US government was doing the right thing?

A: No, we should have stayed out of it. We had bad information and were giving bad information. We should have never been involved in that war at all.

Q: What was the most impact that you had?

A: Most impact that I had?

Q: Yes, did anything scare you or make you angry?

A: When I found out the truth of why we went to war.

Q: Why did you go to war?

A: We went to war because of OIL.

Q: Just oil?

A: Just oil. We were told all these other things but it was all about oil. Okay. Started off with Desert Storm. That lasted about 3 days. That was the extent of the actual war. Then we went to Desert Shield. That lasted for 20 years. So we went over there because Saddam Hussein and Saudi Arabia invaded Kuwait. We were never told the why’s on why they invaded Kuwait.

Q: Why did they invade Kuwait?

A: They invaded Kuwait because Kuwait set up their oil drills right along the Saudi Arabian border and started drilling at an angle to take their oil. We were on the side of the bad guys.

Q: We were on whose side?

A: We were on Kuwait’s side.

Q: So you joined the war because we were on Kuwait’s side?

A: Do you not get that the states joined the war? I joined the military because I needed a job. Okay. The United States government joined the war or went to support Kuwait because they were invaded by Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia invaded Kuwait was drilling and taking Saudi Arabia’s oil. Okay. Saddam Hussein even back them was not a nice guy. We just needed a reason to go to war with him and that was a good enough reason.

Q: Did you think that this was something that the US should have become more involved with?

A: No, we should not have been involved with it at all.

Q: As you look back did the US learn any lesion from this event?

A: No. We are still sticking our noses into business that we have no business sticking our noses in.

Q: What would you want kids today to know about the Middle East?

A: I just told you. Because we don’t know. Kids don’t know. We are over there fighting a war against people that don’t have the same belief systems as us. They don’t cherish life the same way that we do. They don’t think the same way. We call them backwards and they call us backwards. They think we are the “White Devil”. Par for the course because we are. We have portrayed ourselves to be that bully because we are Americans and we are, yeah, you know what I’m trying to say. It’s a very touchy situation that I believe that the United States has gotten themselves into. The rest of the world does not like Americans because we are the world’s police and there is a lot of blatant misuses of power that we shouldn’t have done. Hindsight being 20/20 if we wouldn’t have gotten involved with Kuwait we probably wouldn’t have had 9/11. We probably wouldn’t have gotten attacked like that but we had to stick our nose into a society and world that we had no business sticking our nose into. Those are my feelings on that. It’s not a popular feeling or thought but from the investigations that I’ve looked into about this war. We shouldn’t have been part of it. We had no business being over there. Same with Vietnam. We had no business being over there. The French started Vietnam and then they realized that they didn’t have enough troops so they called up the United States and the United States came in and took over. We had no business being over there. Is that all you have? Will that work?

Q: Yes that was 15.

A: 15. It was 10 but whatever.

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