Common misconceptions….

There are several common misconceptions. One of the one that affects me the most is reality. The more you understand about the true nature of reality the more you see that everything we know is based on a misconception.  Like the things that we see are actually there, and have substance or color, that we don’t live in the matrix.



a view or opinion that is incorrect because it is based on faulty thinking or understanding.

So there are many of these misconceptions. Here’s an example:

dumb person
look at this cheaper

So this gug wants to do a query by humming. So yes you have an audio database. But how big is it. We already know that depending on the size of the data set the query (searching mechanism) method varies on performance, right? So the user gives you some audio and in return you need to go through your whole sound database to see if you can match it? It’s a real simple solution and not a big problem right? Shouldn’t take much time right….SO WHY CAN’T YOU DO IT? You only have $150? WOW….This is another misconception that we have: Siri exists therefore that should be easy to do.

I see it all the time with technology. People wanting software that will generate them $10,000/month but only want to spend $500 to do it. Most of the time I just want to be like WHERE THE FUCK THEY DO THAT AT? 10k*12=120K a year return on a $500 investment. And some people do not like it when I’m like that doesn’t even make sense.


It goes well beyond this. It extends from technology and our social problems to reality itself. Everything that we see, hear, and feel or think is a misconception. It is our brains way of dealing with raw data that is fundamentally different in nature. It is a mere unique perspective and understanding of this. Observation itself is forming this. I don’t have time to get into this right now. I really needed to visit this blog and make a post. I haven’t in a while and remember 1 hour a day for 365 days and you will be making $1000/month on your blog guaranteed. The mentor program for the blog system starts soon (January 1st…yes New Years day). You can get more information on that you know where.

I’m going to go, I haven’t quite finished my hour yet for today but I have some updates to make, you can’t spend your whole hour on just one post everyday you know. Anyways….the funny thing is you make money even though no one reads this stuff. Like I know there can’t be real people coming here and getting into my mind  right….?

Someone did say this though: If everything wasn’t just as it was, it would be perfectly happy just as it is until it wasn’t what it was when it was as it is.

Now I really do have to run. I have to do some blogging. I’m getting paid $600 to write an article on leveraging social media in your revenue streams.  Sure it will take about 7 hours to write but I can also post it to a few of my blogs and generate another ~$600 off of that. This just keeps compounding as you add content. And that’s a lot of the point here.  These are all things I will teach you in the mentor program, how to create ripple effects that pay for themselves and create positive ripples in your other income streams.

Are you lost? Let me point you in the right direction…

Wrong way
go this way

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