There’s money out there….

There is money out there. I’m a professional developer. I work from home running my own company mostly developing software for people. I’ve kinda been getting bored developing lately and my code is turning into binary. I like to develop but you get bugged out sometimes. I have a long list of projects that need finished and another long list of projects that need started. 

Problem is….I spend most of my time developing for other people that I don’t really want to work on my own projects when I have free time. Too much coding. I want to work on my own projects but I don’t want to get sick of coding, but I have to eat and pay bills too (plus i really like to burn money in the fireplace). So what do I do? Enter admin support. I don’t want a ‘real job’ so I started looking on some of my freelance sites (I can blog about those sometime if anyone even reads my blogs) and what did I find…..


Just today I got a job for $175 to transcribe 8 hours of audio on  no money down real estate investing business strategies.  Got another steady gig paying $15/hr 5 hours/week for 6 months doing blog support and social media support, you know, posting blog posts, responding to FB commnets (I do this for free already). Got another job that pays $25/hr for 10 hours/week for 3 months attending online webinars about SEO, social media marketing, making money online, and working from home, and just taking notes. Yes, that’s right, getting paid $25/hr to go to a webinar (an online class room if you don’t know what a webinar is) and take notes. All these webinars are on making money online and how to make more money.

So look, just today I was bugging out, wondering litterally like WTF am I going to do and what happens. Get a $175 payout for writing down what people are saying about the best way to make money in real estate and I have a contract for $325/week to work 15 hours a week for the next 3 months….some people would say “God will provide….” but nah…elance Admin support has provided.

Now I’m not so worried. I can still have income coming in, I can take a break from developing for you and start developing for me again. What am I going to do. I’m going to take all this knowledge I am getting on how to make money online, and I’m going to make you a system where you too can make money online working from home (and make me a little extra money while you’re at it). I already made a system like this for someone else. You can find it here at The System

If you want some work, I have extra hit me up. Remember 1 hour a day on your blog for 365 days you will have a blog that is making you money.


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