Password security….

It’s pretty early (or late….6:51am)…I still haven’t slept yet since I have a lot going on. I’m in the middle of setting up another online store and for some reason I started thinking about password security. Recently I got my facebook account hacked. Now, before you go all crazy. Yes this can happen and it happens all the time, not usually to me but I was in a little hacking competition with some friends, anyways the internet is not safe but there are ways to help protect yourself.

I key thing I really want to stress to people. Do not use the same password for all of your accounts. Especially to those kind of accounts to those sites that you know little about. Most people don’t know how easy it is to make a site that you have to sign up for with a password. Now, I know there is a big chance you use the same password for most of your log ins. Yeah, I know you do. Most people do. So if you give me your passsword to sign up for my site well guess what, now I have your password to all your social accounts, and I have your email and all your info. Say bye bye to your accounts.

What else, it’s pretty easy to sit somewhere with public wifi and look at your internet traffic. There are still many things that are sent in plain text. What this means all the information on the internet is kinda in an envelope. A packet. I can easily look at these packets if the are going through the air and clear text packets means I can just look at your username and password with my eyes and take it. It is also very easy to get on your actual machine over public wifi. This means all those pages you have saved information, like credit card or bank info, I can get in and see because your computer stores that information for you.

I have to keep working…..I just wanted to say use your head, be safe online. Go incognito, or google tor browser, just keep in mind that people can and will still your information if you do not stop them. Be safe online

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