Webservers……UNIX vs. SHIT (windows)

I think you might know I fuck with technology. I’m into to many aspects of technology like programming, algorithms, security, counter-security, engineering, genetic research, computational neuroscience, oh yeah and I say fuck. I say fuck a fucking lot. I have a lot of clients, a lot, and all of them have either heard or !heard me say fuck. Anyways I’m writing this because it’s my job to manage technology and I sometimes have clients (will refer to them as stupid fucks from now on) that request I base their entire technology infrastructure on SHIT (also known as windows)….so I am writing this so you can save yourself from being stupid fucks.

How web hosting works. You are on a website right you, you are a client, the website you are looking at is in a way on your computer in the form of a local file, but the website it’s self comes from another computer, a web-server, the server. That’s where the file lives, a webpage is a file while a website is just a family of file, right? Now let’s talk about this file okay. I love Einstein for many reasons, mostly because he asked “if a person as a mouse”, he taught you to look outside your individual reference frame as it is not reality, only an illusion of the intertwined reality of which it makes up and exists in…but back to the file. If a person as a file looked at it’s life would it be happy? Let’s assume files have homes (programming language they are coded in) and just like our homes they are subject to various conditions (Operating system that runs web-server).

Our house have weather. Like winds (clients requesting the website), floods and heavy rains (attacks), earthquakes (server crashes). Just like our houses exist in our world the files exist on the web-server. You can break into a house if it’s vulnerable. If you live in an apartment complex (shared server) you are somewhat limited to your neighbors (other sites on the shared web-server), they let some killer in there’s a higher chance you will get killed. Anyways you’re not going to die…well yes you are, but that’s later. There’s so much you have to know if you want to understand this one little thing, and that’s part of everything. But we’re talking about web hosting right? No, you must have misread everything we are talking about stupid fucks who know nothing about anything yet want to tell someone everything……Should you use windows as a web-server? Did you build your house on the .net framework?
Yes – You kinda have to.
No – Never.

There is a long list of reasons you should never use windows as a web-server. The list starts like this:

Does operating system suck?
Windows – Yes
Unix – No

There’s a lot more to the list as you’d imagine.


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