Site Insurance.

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$100.00 / month

What if something happens to your site? You could get hacked. Things could crash. You could mess something up. You may even just want some future development. This is your development insurance. You need this.

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Product Description

Site insurance is great. You have insurance for everything else so why not insure your site after all it is a key source of your income isn’t it. Don’t you need your site? What is site insurance? First we go in and create a back up of your entire site and database. Then we create a system that periodically backs up your site. Then we set you up a live sandbox. A sand box is a test server that is mostly used for testing purposes but it really comes in handy when you have a site crash, want to add new features without interrupting your sales and production site, and it’s a great place to backup all your files just in case something ever happens. It’s complete development insurance.


But wait that’s not all….


With development insurance you also get more than 50% development hours up to 40 hours a week. Development hours are typically $55 per hour but if you have site insurance you will only pay $25 per hour for up to 40 hours a week. You can’t beat that deal. So if something happens to your site with site insurance you have a back up of your site, a separate live version of your site on a sandbox server, and you get your development hours for the fixes at half cost. Get your insurance you’ll be glad you have it when you need it.