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A live training preview.

You do get live one on one training as part of your mentor package. You can’t always do everything on your own. You will have limitations and you will have questions. In your one on one time you get 2 hours a week to get more on a personal level and get indepth help in […]


site insurance, don't get hacked

Do I need Site Insurance?

The very short answer here is YES. You do need site insurance. You have car insurance, life insurance, and health insurance right? You’re covered if something happens right? But what if something happens to your website? What if you get hacked and all your files and databases get erased? Then what, you’re back to square […]

First post for first post in blog system….

Now I told you it would have bacon….   Bacon ipsum dolor amet sirloin kielbasa frankfurter andouille. T-bone tail doner tenderloin shankle porchetta pork loin. Corned beef turkey t-bone ball tip filet mignon salami, pastrami tongue bacon ham hock sausage brisket. Capicola turkey pig, pork chop doner short loin swine venison short ribs salami t-bone […]