Do I need Site Insurance?

The very short answer here is YES. You do need site insurance. You have car insurance, life insurance, and health insurance right? You’re covered if something happens right? But what if something happens to your website? What if you get hacked and all your files and databases get erased? Then what, you’re back to square one right? Wrong….not if you have site insurance. Site insurance is a unique product that is offered by me. So what is and and where can you get it?

Where can i get site insurance?

Get Site Insurance Here

Well first you can purchase some very basic site insurance here.┬áThis is enough insurance for most sites and it’s quite affordable considering what’s at stake. Isn’t your site part of your business? Isn’t it a money making investment? Don’t you want to protect it? Yes you do.


So what do I get with site insurance?

With site insurance you get your very own back up server. This is a completely separate web sever off your domain that will be set up for you. I will set this server up to match your current server. Then I will completely clone your site and all your databases. Then I will set up automated scripts to back up your site to your insured server on a periodic schedule. So if anything happens to your site, and trust me things happen just google anonsec or anon, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Whether you get hacked or just have a server crash you will have peace of mind that your site is backed up and you will be up and going in no time. You won’t have to spend a lot of money to recreate your site and get it back up and going because you had the foresight to get site insurance.


Is that all?

No that’s not all. Site insurance also locks in a 50% off price for any development hours you need to schedule to get your site back to production mode. So if you get hacked or crash you have a back up ready to go and you will never pay full price for development hours to get back up and running. It’s a must have. We will also do an initial basic scan of your server to make sure there are no common weaknesses and hidden doors that someone can get in.


If you have a site, blog, or ecom store then site insurance is a must for you. Don’t leave yourself unprotected. You will be sorry if you do.